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Sell Us Your Unwanted Pallets

We are always looking to buy used pallets. With no appointment necessary it’s fast and easy to sell us your unwanted pallets.

If you choose to drop off at our Whittier facility, your used pallets will be quickly evaluated. We will make you an offer and if it’s acceptable with you we will then off load the pallets and pay you on the spot.

Once collected by one of our friendly team members. Pallets are fully sorted, quickly inspected and graded. Our repair team make repairs where needed. Pallets are set aside for immediate dispatch.

For small quantities we can get you unloaded within minutes, it may take longer if you bring in a higher volume. Call Us or Text ahead if you have a lot to sell.

We will easily and efficiently unload any size truck, trailer: semi-truck, flatbed trailer, etc. We have forklifts, pallet jacks on-site & unload ground level.

What We Buy:

Some pallets may have a monetary value, depending on the pallet’s size, grade & most important it's condition. We will pay for your used pallets in small or large quantities.

Standard Stringer Pallets

  • 48 x 40
  • 36 x 36
  • 40 x 40
  • 42 x 42
  • 44 x 44
  • 48 x 48
  • 48 x 36
  • 48 x 60
  • 36 x 60
  • 60 x 60
  • 80 x 80

If your size is not listed please reach out to us by phone, text or e-mail

Block Pallets

  • 48 x 40 Block – Wooden

We Buy Baled Cardboard : Call us for a quote on your material

We Cannot Accept or Pay For:

  • Odd Size Block or Compressed Plywood Pallet
  • Pressed Wood
  • Loose Lumber
  • Skids / Wing Pallet
  • Junk Pallets
  • Gray or Weathered Pallets
  • Plastic Pallets
  • China Pallets
  • Odd Size Stringer Pallet
  • Unclean or Chemical Stained Pallets
  • Pallets with company logo
  • On occasions We can dispose of pallets that do not meet our requirements. Contact us if you have questions !

We may also suggest you contact a junk removal or trash roll-off company in such cases.

What We Pay / How We Pay:

We base our price on pallet size, type, condition and current market demand. Prices fluctuate but a simple phone call or email can get you the current pricing on all your material.

Prompt payment is considered a priority so we pay you on the spot

Pallet Removal / Pallet Pick Up For Business

Do you have a surplus of pallets that you have no use for? We can purchase these from you at top dollar, whether they are 48” x 40” pallets or any other size, and help you to lower your overall pallet cost by turning your extra pallets into a valuable profit center for you.

We provide prompt payment or if you are a purchasing customer we can credit your account. We provide accurate reporting suited to your needs. Contact us for a quote

if you would like us to purchase your unwanted pallets.


  • We cannot accept any gray, weathered, very old or stained pallets.
  • We cannot purchase any pallets that have company logos
  • Must be sizes we Buy
  • Please email or text 2-3 ( if possible) different photos of the pallets, showing the side and front of the pallets.
  • Required Qty for Pick Up: 50 up to 300 per load.
  • Pallets must be sorted and stacked for quick and easy loading.
  • Email or Text communication for confirmation and pick up/payment arrangements.
  • On occasions We can dispose of pallets that do not meet our requirements. Contact us if you have questions!

Our team is committed to protecting the environment in the business we conduct and have built a reputation on providing quality used pallets and an awesome customer service!

Still have questions? Email Us.

We buy and sell Pallets

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We have the best deals on used pallets. More than 20 years in the industry. We exceed your expectations.

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