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Pallet Delivery

We may offer same or next day delivery on a partial or full load.

A minimum of 50 pallets within 5 miles. 100 up to 308 pallets for 5+ miles.

It is important to not wait till you are at your last pallet. We service about 150 + clients near Whittier, so please be courteous and give us sufficient notice for your orders.

During the slow season we can manage to give you a precise ETA. However on high shipping season of May - October we will deliver during our business hours. If we do not make it by the delivery day (due to weather conditions, traffic, delays at other locations, mechanical problems, high volume orders, short staffed, ect ) we will delivery by the next morning unless you instruct by email to cancel the order.

We have 4) 24 foot flatbed Trucks with the capacity of 308 pallets per order.

Pallet Pick Up Request

Pallet Pick Up Request / Pallet Pick Up For Business

Do you have a surplus of pallets that you have no use for? We can purchase these from you at top dollar, whether they are 48” x 40” pallets or any other size, and help you to lower your overall pallet cost by turning your extra pallets into a valuable profit center for you.

We provide prompt payment or if you are a purchasing customer we can credit your account.

We provide accurate reporting suited to your needs. Contact us for a quote if you would like us to purchase your unwanted pallets.


  • We cannot accept any gray, weathered, very old or stained pallets.
  • We cannot purchase any pallets that have company logos
  • Must be sizes we Buy
  • Please email or text 2-3 ( if possible) different photos of the pallets, showing the side and front of the pallets.
  • Required Qty for Pick Up: 100 up to 300 per load.
  • Pallets must be sorted and stacked for quick and easy loading.
  • Email or Text communication for confirmation and pick up/payment arrangements.
  • On occasions We can dispose of pallets that do not meet our requirements. Contact us if you have questions!

Pallet Pick Ups are best when combined with a delivery. We love drop offs but if you are in need of a pick up and have followed the steps above, and We have agreed to purchase your pallets be patient we will pick up within 3 business days. Our facility has to make sure we have space for incoming pallets daily.

We buy and sell Pallets

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